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COOKING LAB, a place that connects you with the word “Delicious!”



Under our new slogan “Living Together & Appreciating the Earth”, we will tackle social issues even more seriously and carry out corporate activities that can give back to the society and the earth for the future.


Among our endeavors to connect people, we have started a new project called COOKING LAB.











“COOKING LAB” was launched on Sunday, May 31, 2020. This project brings together Happo-en chefs, producers, food experts and other people involved in food industry as they share recipes and ideas on how to make customers’ daily meals more enjoyable.






With our new slogan, we will introduce our customers to a fun, new way of eating at home and more! Keeping with our new slogan, “Living Together & Appreciating the Earth”, we are creating sustainable productions and consumption patterns, as we connect with producers across the country. This is one of our corporate responsibility activities we are engaging in order to give back to society.













1st Edition. Additive Free Malt Amazuke created by Fukushima Prefecture high school students through Industry-academic collaboration agreement with Happo-en

For our first series will be using the Additive Free Malt Amazuke [concentrated edition] created by the students from Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima Prefecture.


Iwase Agricultural High School has obtained Global G.A.P. certification for 11 products, with the goal of dispelling rumors and promoting the safety of Fukushima products to the world.






Happo-en was first introduced to Iwase Agricultural High School after participating in Host Town activities, which were attended by municipalities from across the country. Iwase Agricultural High School shared their desire to promote their hometown and as a result we signed an industry-academic collaboration agreement in 2019 with the goal of communicating “food safety and security” to the world.



For our first series we will be using the “Additive Free Malt Amazuke [concentrated edition]”, which was created using Global GAP certified rice that was grown by the high school students at Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima Prefecture.






Global GAP is a set of international standards regarding agricultural practices. This certification is given to producers who practice agriculture while taking into account food safety, work environment and environmental protection. GAP-certified produce is considered to be one of the most safest and reliable in the world.












COOKING LAB #01 Additive Free Malt Amazuke produced by Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima prefecture [concentrated version]


Price: 2,916 yen (including tax) *Free shipping


  • Set contents:

Additive Free Malt Amazuke [concentrated version] 350ml x 3 bottles

Recipes created by Happo-en Chefs; Pork Piccata, Tamagoyaki, Amazake Milk Gelato and Amazake Smoothie









“COOKING LAB” will continue to introduce foods and develop recipes for the second and third instalments of this series.


Over the years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and food production capabilities in response to a wide range of food initiatives that we have established. Happo-en will continue to connect our customers with producers across Japan. We will continue to engage in ethical corporate activities which give back to society by supporting the next generation of agriculture and building a sustainable production and consumption pattern.






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