Enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, for a relaxing interlude in the midst of gardens that reflect the changing seasons.

Farm to Table


Thrush Café prepares its menu using vegetables delivered daily, straight from the farm. It's food that heals body and soul and helps make life more pleasant.


東京都国分寺市にあり、東京競馬場の馬糞や稲わらを使用した自家堆肥を使った有機栽培を実践しています。 多種多様な野菜を栽培していますが、東京うどや馬込半白キュウリなどの江戸東京野菜も栽培。 多品目多品種栽培に力を入れています。 安全・安心な農産物を提供するとともに、さまざまな活動を通じて都市に農業がある意味や必要性を伝えています。 農林水産省エコファーマ―認定。

Delicious vegetables raised with care, from Kosaka Farm

Kosaka Farm, located in the Tokyo suburb of Kokubunji, raises organically grown vegetables in soil enriched by organic waste from the Tokyo Race Course in neighboring Fuchu. Many different varieties of vegetables are grown here, but Kosaka Farm is especially well known for udo (mountain asparagus), and for cucumbers and other traditional Tokyo vegetables. The farm, certified an eco-farm by Japan's agriculture ministry, provides safe, nutritious products and also engages in outreach activities to communicate why urban farming is necessary and what it stands for.

スラッシュカフェの料理|Thrush Café Cuisine

さわやかな朝は、野菜たっぷりのサラダプレートや、パン職人が素材にこだわって焼きあげたパン「MARUTA」を味わえるオープンサンドでスタート。お昼にはお野菜もおいしいパスタやお肉料理が人気のコース料理で楽しいひととき。ハーブティーや林檎たっぷりのアップルパイなどで、おしゃべりもたのしいTea timeから、ムードたっぷりのDinner timeまで見た目もたのしいメニューをご用意しています。

To start off the day on a refreshing note, enjoy salad plates with plenty of vegetables or have some open sandwiches with freshly baked bread “MARUTA”. For lunch, we suggest pasta topped with a generous helping of vegetables or a full-course meal featuring a meat entrée. Thrush Café is also a perfect spot for afternoon refreshments that include herbal tea and apple pie with plenty of apples. Dinnertime offers a sophisticated ambience and an extensive menu to choose from.


Selected wines we provide with confidence are deliberately made by some vintners from all over the world. The grapes of which are grown in fertile lands under a special cultural system. Please degust one of them along with our dishes that the chefs cook with intention valueing a great relationship with producers and their products.

広大な庭園が一望できる都会の中のオアシス|An Oasis in the City


The open-mood interior commands calming views of trees and playful birds from every seat. In good weather, the terrace is a fine place to enjoy both your meal and the moods of foliage, breezes, and light that change constantly with time of day and season.

約一万坪の庭園を望むテラス|A Perfect Spot


The terrace of the Thrush café in the Shirokanedai Happo-en overlooks about 33,000 square meters of gardens and is a perfect spot for relaxing, lunching, dining, and lively conversing while enjoying the views and the refreshing breezes

都内の喧騒を忘れるディナータイム|Enjoy Dining Free of Big-city Noise


Treat yourself to an atmospheric candlelight dinner and an incomparably refreshing beer on the pleasantly breezy Thrush café terrace, a wonderful time and place to enjoy yourself and forget the weather outside.