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Kumihimo Japanese Braiding Artist (Kyoto) Hatsumi Umehara


Hatsumi Umehara was born to the founding family of a traditional Japanese braided cord maker. While assisting at a braiding class at “Showen Kumihimo” when she was in high school, she acquired the technique and skill of braiding. About 10 years ago, she returned from her life as a housewife to help “Showen Kumihimo,” which had opened a new store. Kumihimo is a traditional-style braided cord made from silk that can be used to decorate homes or the sashes of kimono. Ms. Umehara has been working as an instructor at “Showen Kumihimo” and as a kumihimo artist there since then. She continues to actively attend university-based kumihimo academies to gain new techniques from interactions with kumihimo instructors from all over Japan.

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