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soy sauce maker (Annaka , Gunma Prefecture) Kouki Yuasa


Koki Yuasa, seventh-generation owner of soy sauce company Aritaya Co., Ltd., goes by the motto “Let it go” when producing his naturally fermented soy sauce. Made from carefully selected ingredients, the soy sauce brews slowly and naturally thanks to the microorganisms at work in the process and the local climate.
Determined to contribute to society in a meaningful way, Yuasa carries on making naturally fermented soy sauce. He is also a conservationist dedicated to boosting Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate, protecting native species and preserving local mixed-use satoyama forests. Aritaya’s soy sauce is used to flavor the broth for cooking sukiyaki, and he is a member of the Gunma Sukiyaki Project in collaboration with White In Takasaki.

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