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Hagi ware potter (Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture) Yasushi Okada


Yasushi Okada, son of Yamaguchi Prefecture important intangible cultural heritage Yu Okada, studied sculpture at Tokyo University of Art and Design. After studying pottery in Kyoto, he apprenticed to his father. Thanks to extensive experience and a solid track record, he produces unique works.
Okada first exhibited at the prestigious Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition in 2009 and has been a prize winner at the exhibition every year since then. The softly rounded shapes and pale blue glaze of his works echoing the clear waters of the Sea of Japan combine to create truly distinctive pieces. Reflecting his calm personality, his works are highly in demand. As he continues his quest to explore new possibilities for Hagi ware, he is one of the most prominent hopes among the young potters of Hagi.
Since Okada’s meeting with Joji Kanno, head chef at Happo-en’s Kochuan traditional Japanese restaurant, Okada’s Hagi tableware has inspired Kanno to create a new kind of cuisine.

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