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head chef, Hagi-no-yado Tomoe (Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture) Ryo Nagashima


Hagi-no-yado Tomoe is a traditional Japanese inn established in 1925 to provide suitably high-class lodgings for dignitaries staying in Hagi. It is considered the local official guest house. The cuisine at the inn is similarly refined, highlighting seasonal ingredients at the peak of flavor and traditional preparation techniques.
Nagashima says that he became a chef because he wanted to give enjoyment to diners. He feels that even though he may not come face to face with the inn’s guests, he aims to create dishes that provide them with a memorable experience. In collaboration with Joji Kanno, chef at Happo-en’s Kotchuan traditional Japanese restaurant, he has created new-style kaiseki cuisine complemented by Hagi tableware.

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